Welcome to the website of T&M ERP!

Welcome to the website of T&M ERP!

About Us:



Our goal is to pass on the experience of our familiar team of experts in designing and developing integrated, complex corporate governance solutions tailored to partners directly to the Partner (Customer) side, supporting the company in strategic decision-making, optimization of their processes and business IT systems.

T&M ERP Rendszerház Ltd., as an SAP and ERP consulting company, has been successfully operating in the Hungarian SAP service provider market for several years. The principles of its business operation: quality work based on expertise and reliability. The goal of T&M ERP is to offer large enterprise and public sector customers intelligent solutions for implementation and operation supported by ERP, HR and BI systems.

The main mission of T&M ERP Rendszerház Ltd. is to develop the operation of domestic companies. In order to achieve a more effective activity, we deal with the organization and analysis of organizational diagnostics and the implementation of organizational development plans based on them. Our process consultants have decades of experience. We support the development of organizational operations on the one hand with the development of management and personnel, on the other hand with process-side rationalization and, if necessary, the development of IT systems.



  • Design and implementation of complex solutions tailored to individual needs, using modular standards.
  • Flexible implementation of a customer-centric approach.
  • Knowledge transfer – personalized transfer of knowledge that forms the basis for the safe operation of systems.
  • High level of expertise based on professional commitment in the implementation of projects.
  • Project implementation based on an elaborate, practical methodology.



The key solution of T&M ERP Ltd. is consulting related to integrated corporate governance systems. The SAP ERP AND S4 / HANA enterprise resource planning system provides IT support for the integrated processes of both business and budget organizations. It can be used to control, direct and automate processes, support decision-making, strategic and operational planning, and ensure the flow of information.


The expert team of T&M ERP provides industry-specific consulting and development services to its Clients and Partners. Our key solutions: implementation of the SAP Public Template, introduction of joint SAP and document management solutions, application of SAP HR specialties, custom-developed e.g. process-based integration of mobile inventory applications with the SAP system.



The service process of T&M ERP Ltd. consists of three main areas: preparation, implementation and support, with which the professionally correct solutions can be delivered flexibly in each stage of the business organization and IT projects – adapting to the expectations of the Clients.

  • Organizational development, strategic consulting, trainings
  • Auditing, standardization, needs assessment
  • Feasibility analysis, risk management
  • Process and function planning
  • Concept and system design, pilot development
  • Client side consulting: ERP, SAP, S4 / HANA, HR, CRM, BI, Public Template
  • Customer side project management, quality assurance
  • Implementation of document, workflow, and protocol systems
  • Advanced SAP and non-SAP custom enhancements
  • Application and system integration
  • Operation, support, change management



  • KITE Pvt. Ltd.
  • HM EI Pvt. Ltd.
  • SAP Hungary Ltd.
  • ÁVNY Ltd.
  • MARK Pvt. Ltd.
  • MKB Bank PLC
  • MNV Hungarian National Asset Management Inc.
  • 4iG PLC
  • BorgWarner Oroszlány Ltd.
  • SZTNH – Hungarian Intellectual Property Office
  • Care All Ltd.
  • BMW Group Co.
  • TRIUMPH International Ltd.
  • Volkswagen Group Co.
  • Bosch-Siemens GmbH.


Leading Staff

  • Ádám Mogyoródi – Managing Director, Senior SAP Consultant and Developer
  • Zoltán Mogyoródi – Managing Partner
  • Diána Szányel – Economic Leader
  • József Szegletes – Project Manager, Business Analyst


Contact Us

Company name: T&M ERP Rendszerház Ltd.

Address: Homoktövis u. 101-103, Budapest, Hungary, H-1048

E-mail: info@tmerp.hu